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When looking for a new job there are many challenges to face. It’s possible, however, to navigate these challenges with confidence. When you register for our live webinar, you’ll learn how to tackle these challenges and unlock more opportunities for yourself in today’s ever-changing job market. With advice on resume writing and interviewing techniques, you’ll learn actionable insights about topics like salary negotiation, building a personal brand, and much more.

Our Webinars are a valuable source of knowledge, techniques, and time-saving tips for job seekers. This webinar can provide an opportunity to learn new skills that make you more attractive in the workforce while also teaching you how to properly apply yourself when searching for jobs online. With proper guidance and advice from conducting research such as getting up-to-date industry news or learning about trends in employers’ values, working smarter, not harder is becoming less difficult with the help of these modern-day digital tools.

Taking part in a webinar shows to potential employers your dedication and commitment toward succeeding in your fields which will no doubt result in great opportunities. Core Recruiting Group specializes in helping people find the perfect job for them – no matter what the industry or experience level may be. We offer personalized career advice customized for each individual situation. Our expertise and personalized approach understand the nuances of your specific field while working with clients that are actively looking for candidates like you. We will pinpoint potential roles that match both your skillset and career growth goals.

Whether short-term or long-term professional opportunities excite your ambitions, our knowledge allows us to open hidden doors within some of today’s sought-after companies with our valuable and expert information on:

  •  Networking
  • Resume Building
  • Nailing Interviews
  • Successful Career Transitions
  • and more!

You'll also learn about trends in the job market as well as salary expectations and how to create a Personal Brand that will get you noticed.

Plus there are tips for finding remote work opportunities so you can still be productive during this time of uncertainty. Don't wait any longer - join our webinar today!

If you are considering a career change, it is important to spend some time reflecting on your values and desired lifestyle. What are the strengths that you bring to the table? Which of your passions can be reflected in a new career path? It's also a great idea to consider long-term goals including where you want to end up.

Additionally, research what industry and field trends might look like in the future as well as changes within job markets. Consider how you can use current skills or obtain any relevant certifications which will help gain an edge while competing with others in the same space. Learn from our expert Recruiters, We know how, We know the Process!

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