core career advisorsHave you been to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, or any amusement park? You hurry to your favorite ride, only to find the wait is over 1 hour long.



core career advisorsGet the FAST PASS Now! 

Well, in the employment & job market that 1 hour +  line is filled with other job seekers who are also trying to land the same opportunity!

core career advisors

We assist high-achieving job seekers to land their dream jobs quickly!  As active senior corporate recruiters & hiring managers with 20+ years of experience, we are intimately familiar with the employment market

We help our job seeker clients quickly navigate the employment market and achieve the ultimate goal of landing their dream job, fast!.

Due to high inflation, rising interest rates, and higher prices…  Companies are either laying off or restructuring their departments to do more with less. The job seeker candidate pool is increasing daily… while job quality is decreasing. Securing your dream opportunity just became harder, not easier!

Years of Working Experience
The CORE Solution:

We are The FAST PASS!

By working with CORE, you will be guaranteed the ability to land your dream job and do it in record time!

Eliminate making unnecessary mistakes!
Delete the stress of not knowing where you’re going wrong!
No more guessing what you could have done better... Or Why you didn’t get the job!
CORE Career Advisors

The Real Benefit and Value of Working with CORE:


The Real Benefit & Value of working with CORE:

Save time & money by Landing Your Dream Job FAST!
✔ Remove the worry of WHY you’re not getting Offers off of the table!
✔ How much is unemployment costing you?
✔ We can help you receive an extra 25%-30% OR more in your total Compensation
✔ Secure the FAST PASS And fast forward to your first day on the job!

Our Success speaks for itself…

✔ Over 2,400+ clients, 100% of them receive interviews within 30 Days Or Less.
✔ 98% received job offers between 30-60 days after their final session.
✔ 99% received salary increases of 15% or more.
✔ Many have received increases of as much as 40-50%

Our competitive advantage over our competitors:

✔ Key Introductions to hiring managers & decision-makers.
✔ Access to New Opportunities before they even hit the market.
✔ Direct access to well-known Fortune 500 companies in North America.
✔ Get the help you need & deserve by working with real hiring experts that can help you Land Your Dream Job Quickly!



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