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Frequently Asked Questions

We are 20+ year professional, active, and real-world experts in the recruitment & hiring field. We currently work with large well-known Fortune 500 corporate clients for their internal recruitment and hiring needs as well we are brought in to help them fix internal recruitment processes and issues within these companies and organizations. We have helped our clients and have been responsible for implementation, design, delivery, execution, and assessment of the talent acquisition recruitment initiatives that enable our corporate clients to acquire the top talent needed to meet their business objectives.

With our many years or corporate experience and knowledge, we understand exactly how companies of all sizes source, recruit and hire their needed talent. With this vast knowledge and inside corporate know-how we coach and train our job seeker clients one-on-one, step by step in every aspect they will need to be properly aligned to secure a great job quickly. We have helped countless numbers of professionals find and secure great new career opportunities. We save our job seeker clients, time, money, and the lost wages they are currently losing! We have a history of Success helping our clients Land Great New Career Opportunities!

Yes, we have a special tool that we use which we can pull up any company and industry to find specific contact information. Additionally, we also have another tool that we can check and verify the salary range of just about any professional position and advise you as what range that given positions salary range will be. This is critical in the offer stage and assisting you to negotiate the best and highest offer possible.

Yes, were you aware that in some states you cannot discuss current compensation? We will walk you through all the scenarios as well as what to say on job applications. Included in our Complete Career Accelerator Program, we will also coach you at the Offer stage to negotiate the best and highest Offer and package possible!

Yes, this is a key area that we do a lot of work with many of our current clients. Career advancement, post-landing the job, always keeping your career options open to new and better opportunities. This service is also included in our Complete Career Accelerator Program.

Yes, our program is universal to all job seekers no matter the country or their location. However, we are not a recruitment agency that places H1B candidates. We work with U.S. based corporate clients (some of our corporate clients hire out of the country and others do not) in addition, we coach and train job seekers to find great jobs quickly by giving them expert advice no matter their country or location. We can advise you about your H1B situation and what we see typically from the Employers view.

No, but I can 100% guarantee you that you will be well positioned and aligned for great new opportunities and will have the confidence to find a job much faster than if you did it yourself. As an experienced corporate recruiters and HR executives our job is to advise our corporate clients on the best candidate, programs, technology, etc. At the end of the day, it is the corporate client’s decision to do what is in the best interest for their company. In addition, scenarios take place that are out of a corporate recruiter’s control like: A position goes on hold due to budget, an internal candidate gets hired, the position gets downgraded, etc. Based on what we know from our 20+ years working inside corporations, I would never guarantee, nor can anyone else, or promise a job to any of my job seeker clients. If you are working with any other coaches that say they can 100% guarantee you a job, be VERY careful of any unrealistic expectations. If they are making this claim they are not being 100% honest or upfront with you. No one can guarantee you a job!

We can work with literally any job seeker that understands they have a problem/challenge in finding a great new career opportunity. We only work with job seeker clients that are truly motivated and serious and want to make change happen quickly for rapid career success! A good portion of our clients range from mid-level management all the way up to the C suite. Our job seeker clients see value in our services because they know they are not the experts in the recruitment and hiring field. And they want to work with experts who have Successfully helped thousands of job seekers reach Career Goals quickly. We ask our job seeker clients to have some skin in the game and be involved in their own success.

We are 20+ years Active real-world experts in the corporate recruitment & hiring field. We have worked and continue to consult corporations and truly understand how their internal process really works. How do we know this? Because these same large companies and organizations hire us to come in and fix their broken internal recruitment and hiring processes. If you are going to hire and work with an Expert Career Coach, don’t you want to work with the same folks that Large Fortune 500 companies call in when they have internal recruitment and hiring problems? We have coached thousands of professionals to securing great new career opportunities quickly. We save our clients time, money, and the lost wages they are currently losing! We have a history of Success helping our clients land Great New Career Opportunities!

You will receive your proof within 7 business days after your phone interview. Once your satisfied with your new resume, we will send out the finalized documents within 2-3 days.

Our relationship with our clients does not end when we complete our service or sessions with you. We check in on you and want to hear about your job search and the success your experiencing. Call or email us any time with any questions or comments or if you need additional help. We never abandon any of our clients and will always be a great resource for you to turn to if needed.

We do our absolute best to accommodate our client requests the best we can.