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At CORE we are Experts in the Recruitment & Hiring field, we have extensive experience and specialize in ALL of the Industries & specific function types shown below... Plus many more!

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Erin Oprian

Recruitment Industry Expert

Erin Oprian, Recruitment Industry Expert, Twenty Plus years’ experience working within corporate recruiting and human resource environments. Erin is a Subject Matter Expert in Sourcing, Recruitment, Employment Branding, and Hiring Solutions. In Erin’s Twenty Plus Year Career she has hired thousands of Candidates, Coached many thousands more and overseen recruitment and HR projects for some of the largest most well-known companies in America. Erin has been directly responsible for implementing, design, delivery, execution, and assessment of the talent acquisition recruitment initiatives that enable companies to acquire the talent needed to meet business objectives.

Steve Oprian

Core’s Executive Partner

Steve Oprian and our entire team of highly experienced corporate Senior recruiters have coached thousands of people to Job Success and Job Promotions. In our combined 20+ year careers with some of the most well-known and recognizable companies in America, We have had the privilege of partnering with people through tireless battles of company reorganization, advocating for work-life balance and overall wellbeing, job advancement, and promotion. Our entire team has a real desire to help job candidates find, navigate and secure their desired positions. As well, helping job candidates to be prepared and knowledgeable throughout the interview, offer stage and negotiating process.

Heidi Prescott

Career Coach

A trained and certified Career Coach who has over 12 years’ experience working with clients one on one and in workshop settings related to job search and career success. Heidi has written over 700 resumes and is expert at quickly identifying what is relevant then assisting clients with honing their personal brand messaging. She has a work background in corporate business as a leader, manager and team mentor in the health and life insurance and employee benefits industry.

Erica Burrus Fishell

Talent Acquisition Leader MPS, SHRM-CP

Erica brings over 8 years of progressive experience working in the field of human resources, with an expertise in talent recruiting, talent development, and employee relations. She has proven success researching and implementing talent retention programs, as well as developing comprehensive staffing programs from infancy to inception. She began her professional experience in the mortgage and finance industry, which then translated to successfully navigating the past 11 years as a manager and mentor within the Biotechnology industry.

Erica is a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Certified Professional, and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, both earned at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA.

Karen Jones

HR and Recruitment Business Partner

Karen has over 15 years’ experience in Human Resources and has handled all aspects of the HR world and the required duties therein. Karen is known for recruiting top talent, implementing compensation and employee benefit programs, onboarding, all filings with gov't agencies, job descriptions, forecasting and budgeting, Accounting liaison, project management, internal audits, and much more.

Meghan Woods

Business Account Manager

A dynamic Business Account Manager with background as a Human Resources Professional with a 10+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success assisting multi-million dollar organizational growth, providing support in the staffing, training, compliance and personnel management arena. Adept at driving efficiency in retention management and training, resulting in growth of company profit and improving performance. Exceptional mentor, professional resource and trainer. Tenacious in driving company culture, increasing employee engagement and forging strong relationships with internal and external business partners.


Certified Career Coach, Resume and LinkedIn Writer.

A Certified Career Coach and Resume Writer that has worked with clients from recent graduates to C- Level Executives across numerous industries. Amanda leads with a strong mindset of developing meaningful relationships and motivate with a mindful balance of challenge and compassion. Her strengths include developing strong relationships with clients, guiding them in well-written career documents creation, job search techniques, social media networking, job readiness, and instilling confidence.


Sr. Recruiter & Career Coach Expert

With over 10 years experience as a full life cycle recruiter who has handled talent acquisition for companies ranging from early-stage tech startups to Fortune 500’s, and has worked with industries ranging from mortgage and real estate to fintech, augmented reality, Software As A Service to entertainment.

Her hands-on style of prepping her own candidates through the interview process, thus enabling them to land the right roles sooner than their competition, was what led her to becoming a career coach.

She brings a unique perspective to her role as a career coach, given that her being a full life cycle recruiter means that, just like her own career coaching clients, she still has to constantly and actively reach out to companies to tap the hidden job market.

In addition, she not only has reviewed thousands of resumes and Linkedin profiles, interviewed hundreds of candidates, but has also designed, executed and implemented hiring plans for companies. From coming up with candidate personas to writing the job postings and interview scorecards to shortlisting applicants, handling screenings and salary negotiations, she coaches by drawing back the insider curtain that the average job hunter doesn’t get an opportunity to see past.

Chrissy Ebin

Head of Operations of Core

Experienced Chief Operations Officer with strong business development skills, responsible for the overall efficiency of the business by driving continuous improvements throughout the company, maintaining and executing processes and ensuring that targets are met. Chrissy is responsible for people, processes and key projects and getting them implemented in record time while maintaining quality and a tempered approach throughout the completion of these projects.

JOB SEEKERS... see below...this is critical, the real & honest truth that job seekers must understand if You are really serious & committed to Landing a Great New Job Quickly!

Investing in yourself and career means your serious and committed to your own Success! Did you invest in yourself for college, certifications, real estate license or any other method to increase your opportunities? If the answer is Yes, then why would investing in a career coach be any different? Even (and especially) if you’re on a tight budget, spending the money and investing in yourself can light a fire under you. It will make you more focused and more directed, because the clock is ticking and the coach’s meter is running. Then, your commitment will be palpable to everyone from networking allies to recruiters and hiring managers. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, why would anyone else be willing to?