How CORE Helps To Negotiate Compensation

We have negotiated thousands of offers over our careers. It is a very specialized skill that takes nuance, creativity, and an understanding of “the rules of engagement.” We serve as behind-the-scenes advisors who will help you negotiate the very best outcome for yourself!

Step 1: Assessment

  • We facilitate a process to help you identify what is most important to you in a job offer. We lay out all the facets that most people overlook and help you to weigh them against each other so you can get clear on what will improve your life.
  • We evaluate the offer(s) you have received.
  • How it fits your personal goals, values, and past offers
  • How it aligns with priorities, ambitions, and lifestyle

We will dive into the data with you and create a few different scenarios (from the minimum offer you would be willing to accept to your dream offer) and then role-play expected interactions to best help you prepare for the conversations to follow.

We will also assess your risk profile.  It is a very difference process assisting someone who is trying to get the best possible offer among five suitors, versus someone who is unemployed and in need of a fast deal closure.

Step 2. Strategy:

Each negotiation is different and unique.  We pride ourselves in vetting out all potential levers, finding ways around “no” and negotiating things that will enhance your positions further down the road from stock vesting, RSUs, Benefits, Job Titles, Reporting Structure etc.

  • Understanding the Salary Negotiation Landscape/Laws
  • How Employers Comp positions
  • Assessing where to push for more and how.
  • Manipulating timing: slowing down or speeding up negotiations to create a vortex of competing offers with an expiration date.

Step 3. Negotiation:

We work with you to compose the right messaging that will move the offer(s) toward your specific goals.  Our approach will help you present what you want in an assertive, responsible way that creates understanding rather than friction.