Do you ever wonder Why recruiters aren’t calling you back or responding to your resume?

Or maybe you’re getting a few calls but you’re not being called in for interviews and know deep down there’s a problem…

Here’s some sobering advice:

We are CORE Recruiting, 20+ year experts in the recruitment and hiring field, we work with large well-known fortune 500 corporate clients and know exactly how and why their internal corporate hiring processes really works.

When we look at our corporate clients hiring process, we see (5) Five main areas that are common amongst corporate recruiters which either “negatively or positively” affect job seekers ability to move forward in the hiring process:

  • Resume

Did you know that corporate recruiters quickly review a resume in 6 seconds? That’s right 6 seconds… If your resume does not have the proper key words, structure, experience to the job description you will not stand out and the recruiter will be onto the next one! Your resume is only the first part of the filtering process and needs to be 100% dead on or it goes straight into the No Pile!

  • Job Strategy & Career Transition Guidance

You’ve heard the saying… a failure to plan is a plan to fail… well, in the recruitment world, truer words have never been spoken. Seasoned recruiters are skilled at spotting top talent which are properly aligned with the specific positions they are tasked to fill. Having a strategy, being prepared and having done your homework on the company, industry, position, vertical markets, is fundamental to your Career success. 

  • LinkedIn

Second Only to internal company referrals is LinkedIn as a source of hire…It is by far and away the highest used social media and recruitment tool used today by recruiters. If a recruiter likes your resume, they go straight to your LinkedIn profile. A common mistake most job seekers make is to mirror image their profile with their resume. Your LinkedIn profile is your “Brand” or secret sauce, all the value add that you bring which rounds out your story should be in your profile. If it’s not, you’ll be passed over.  

  • Interviewing & Behavioral based questions

 Learning the language of recruiters and hiring managers is critical. Honing your technique and being able to answer the “What If’s” or tell me about a time when questions. Behavioral based questions are meant to quickly assess your ability to think on your feet, show how you’ll perform under pressure and navigate under difficult situations. Past performance is a predictor of future success.   

  • Offer Stage & Negotiation

Knowing what your worth and what the salary range is for any given position is key! Do you know what the salary range is for your desired role? We do…! And we know the salary ranges for ANY position for any company or industry and can help you negotiate the highest and best offer possible! If you don’t know and take what is offered…there’s a 100% certainty you left money on the table!!!

The truth is that if you make a mistake in just “one or any” of these areas, it could cost you the job. The reason is that the above areas are all interrelated and work as One fine-tuned system or process. If your out of alignment in any of these areas will cost you many months of valuable time, money and lost wages.

Successful candidates which are landing great jobs completely understand this and have taken the needed steps to being prepared for Success…the ones that don’t “get it” or let their ego’s get in the way and don’t follow this systematic process… continue to struggle and blame everyone and everything for their lack of success 

If you don’t change your ways you will be overlooked time and time again. However, if you’re ready to make a change and join the winning side of Successfully placed candidates in this new employment market…

I Have Good News!

We have put together a free training which shows you exactly how to Successfully land a great job quickly, our program has helped literally thousands of job seekers rapidly get great jobs!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. How to correct align your resume with your desired job opportunities
  2. How to successfully setup your career search strategy and transition
  3. How to properly optimize your social media & LinkedIn profile
  4. How to be completely prepared for your interviews & behavioral based questions

This training has helped Thousands of Job Seekers Successfully navigate and land great opportunities rapidly and has the power and potential to do the same for you.     

It’s a new world out there today and we can give you the tools needed to completely be prepared to land your dream job quickly…don’t let another candidate who’s prepared take your career opportunity sending you to the back of the line. If you do nothing, have no plan or strategy and are not prepared, please remember, in 6 months’ time when your still unemployed and completely frustrated, that we did warn you in advance.