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LindaSocial Media Manager
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I am so glad that I chose Core Recruiting to improve my LinkedIn profile, redo my resume, work on my job search strategy and interview skills. Erin gave me targeted, customized and practical advice on everything. She listened to me and took the time to understand my experience and goals which was evident in the resume and LinkedIn feedback and new resume. I have LinkedIn experience and could not have made the changes to my profile without Erin. If you want specialized, personalized help with your job search I highly recommend Core Recruiting.
Kenny L., February 2020
Kenny L., February 2020Principal Developer/Architect
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"Hi, Core Team! Just letting you know that I did get an offer and I couldn’t be happier with it! They definitely gave me something solid and did not low-ball me. I agreed to accept it right there with no complaints. Thank you so much for your coaching and support for the last two weeks. It was well worth my time and you instilled a lot of hope in me in the midst of lots of anxiety. Take care and I will apply your teachings when I need them again. 😀"
David T., February 2020
David T., February 2020Principal Solution Architect | Cloud Engineer | Digital Strategist | Official Member of Forbes Technology Council
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"Erin, I wanted to share some success that I think our coaching sessions produced. Following the tweaks made to my titles in LinkedIn and some more aggressive networking. I got 4 written offers in the last 3 weeks, from Neudesic, Slalom, Apex Systems, and KPMG. All were great roles with solid total comp packages. After review all of my options, I chose to go with KPMG as a Director of Cloud Engineering Architecture for the Microsoft Alliance. I will be working closely with the Microsoft alliances team to drive Azure adoption at KPMG clients. I start on March 16th. It is a great role, I'll be working with a Managing Director I worked with at Accenture/Avanade. The networking paid off in a big way. Thank you again. The time I spent with you and Steve paid great dividends."
Rick R., January 2020
Rick R., January 2020Vice President, Information Technology
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“Hey, Erin! I just couldn’t be happier where I am today. Every time I think of you I want to thank you because you’re the reason I am where I am today. So thank you! And I hope you are doing well too. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!”
Priscilla M., October 2019
Priscilla M., October 2019Healthcare Quality Leader
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By the way, I posted a message on our channel about you. I’ve opened the floodgates!! Erin, this process is worth the investment–and you’re great! I’m not at all concerned about the competition. We each have different skill sets, experiences, and needs. As one of my favorite thought gurus on leadership says, “no one has to lose for you to win!”
Cindy A., August 2019
Cindy A., August 2019Marketing Leader
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“I would like to say Thank you for your time yesterday. It was extremely helpful and I appreciate all your help and feedback. I hope to be able to continue working with you in the future.”
Nancy S., July 2019
Nancy S., July 2019Marketing Manager
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“You all have been great to work with and I will definitely refer you to anyone I know looking for a new job! Thanks for everything!”
Gwen O., June 2019
Gwen O., June 2019Director of IT - LA
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“I was working for the same company for 20 years and feeling so under-appreciated. My work was getting boring and I knew after multiple conversations with my direct manager that it was time to make a change. The question I had was how do I do this after 20 years? I’ve been in leadership for a long time, I’ve hired multiple teams of people and have been the one interviewing candidates but now the tables were turned. I chose to work with Erin because she continues to work as a recruiter today. Not only does she know about recruitment strategy and execution she also knows all the tactile pieces that fit the very confusing puzzle of looking for a job. She worked with me on my Career Strategy and actually showed me what recruiters see when they look at a LinkedIn profile- I was astonished. Now I know why having a clear strategy that reflects my brand is important. I also loved how Erin modified her training for me. Thank you, Erin and team! It took me 6 months to find my new job, I didn’t settle and today I am working with a growing company, working on exciting projects AND making more money!”
Rob S., June 2019
Rob S., June 2019Vice President, Healthcare
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“I contacted Core Recruiting after taking time off work due to a family emergency. This situation had severely incapacitated me. At that time I was unable to think clearly and Erin helped me to organize my thought with the questions that she brought to our meetings. She helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to do with my working life.

I always looked forward to meeting with Erin as she has such an easy to get along with personality and her sessions were always informative. She offered me lots of support during a difficult period in my life. Her positive attitude helped me eventually return to work, resign and seek alternative employment, which has greatly improved my life. I am continuing to work towards my goals that I discussed with Erin but her practical and emotional support allowed me to make sensible practical decisions as to how to move forward in my career quest. Life is never too short to make the changes needed to feel good.”
Debbie B., May 2019
Debbie B., May 2019IT Analyst - Seattle
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“When exploring my new career options with Erin Oprian and her team of coaches the information received was invaluable. By working together we were able to find the right career possibilities and match my interests and skills to specific jobs. I am delighted the updates to my resume, and the advice and experience Erin shared with me has given me all the confidence that I need in searching for and applying for new job opportunities.”
Luther M., May 2019
Luther M., May 2019Vice President, Business Development
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“Erin, you are more than a coach. Thank you for putting my 30, 60, 90 plans together. As always, I really enjoyed chatting with you and walked away energized and enlightened.”
Shawn, May 2019
Shawn, May 2019Career Coaching Student
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“Thanks, Erin. As always I appreciate your vast knowledge of the recruitment process and willingness to share, educate and guide me along the way.”
Victoria V., May 2019
Victoria V., May 2019HR Leader, J&J
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“Thanks, Erin! I’m so grateful for the work you’re doing with my mom, I’ve already seen such a change in her confidence and energy around her job search. It’s incredible!”
Bee M., Feb. 2019
Bee M., Feb. 2019Sr. Manager, PMO
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“My relationship with Core and Erin date back 15 years where Erin was the recruiter assigned to me to assist with staffing my Team. 15 years later we crossed paths again. The Erin I knew then is the same Erin I know today. She cares deeply about her customers and wants to make sure she’s making good candidate choices that are a good fit for her customer. She wants to make a positive difference for not only her customers but the candidates as well. From a coaching angle, she’s work every angle to ensure she’s exhausted all options of a career search strategy, provides honest feedback about what you need to be doing to get the job you want to get. I was being stretched to think differently. Hence, this got me into a leadership role doing what I love. Core’s coaching was worth every cent.”
Ellen C., Jan. 2019
Ellen C., Jan. 2019Social Media Freelancer
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“Working with Core has been a great experience. I was hesitant in spending money on career coaching but in my heart, I knew I needed help and training in an area I knew nothing about. I was a stay at home mom that needed to go back to work. I spent months looking for a job and never got a callback. Within 3 weeks of working with Erin, I not only got a callback but got my first interview after being out of work for 10 years. Erin taught me what companies look for when hiring, we conducted Mock Interviews, we worked on my elevator pitch, my brand, etc. Erin thrives to share her knowledge – she truly inspired me and gave me the self-confidence to go out and give it my all.”
Chelsea A., Jan. 2019
Chelsea A., Jan. 2019Recruitment Leader
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“CORE coached me into my current position with Johnson & Johnson – Erin left an incredible impression on me. She is smart, energetic, creative and lively. She drives for results in a way that encourages you to continuously up your game.”
Stacey S., Jan. 2019
Stacey S., Jan. 2019Senior Director, Business Process Innovation & Technology Strategy
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“I had wanted to leave my current company and job for a while. But wanting it was not enough and having, what I thought was a great experience, was not enough. I looked at job sites, “met” with executive recruiters and none were of help. Many people call themselves recruiters, but they know little about the industry, little about the positions they are trying to fill and certainly never ask enough questions to understand my background. That all changed when I met Erin and the team at Core Recruiting. Her energy and excitement about what she did attracted me at first to send her my resume. But then it was backed up with a follow-up call, where she asked me probing questions on my career, my skills, inquiring on background. She gave me advice to crisp up my resume. When an opportunity came up at a firm I had been wanting to move to, she was knowledgeable about the company, its’ culture, and was able to guide me through the early stages of the recruiting process. I credit her with getting me in the door at this company. I called her intermittently on my progress and also to ask questions and she was always there to help. I have now been in my new position for 5 months and made the leap from investment banking to medical specialty – a dream come true.”
TeresaMarketing Director
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The good news is I have another interview tomorrow with another company. I want to thank you for the time that we spent these past few weeks and let you know that your coaching has been worth the investment. I love my new resume, revised LinkedIn page and I value your input in the interview process. I'll keep you posted when I land my next position.
NikhilHealthcare Business Analyst
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I wanted to let you know I got the job at XX Health Solutions! The salary they are offering me is much more than I thought I would receive. I’m going to be making a 6 figure salary which I never thought was possible until I hit 30. I want to thank you for your help!!
DennisAmazon Area Manager
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Mission Accomplished CORE!! I just accepted an offer with Amazon!!! The offer was more than triple what I was making before with a sign on bonus and Long Term Incentive bonus and shares. Thank you so much for the help, I could not have done this without your guidance. The feeling is amazing!!! This was the best investment I’ve ever made! Best always, Dennis
David T.
David T.Principal Solution Architect | Cloud Engineer | Digital Strategist | MS-ITM | PMP | PMI-ACP | MCT
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I had the pleasure of working with Steve during my recent opportunity search. I hired an executive coach, had my resume professionally prepared and created a portfolio web site. I thought I was all set up to have offers roll in. After two months of very little interest, I was contacted by Steve at Core Recruiting. I spoke to Steve over the phone and explained my experience and where I wanted to go next with my career. Within 3 weeks of heeding the feedback and consultation from Core I landed 4 written offers and accepted a great opportunity with a Big 4 firm.

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