Are you a job seeker struggling in your career search?

Or maybe you’re getting a few interviews but deep down you know your scraping the barrel…

Here’s some sobering advice:

We are CORE Recruiting, experts in the recruitment and hiring field with over 20+ years of corporate environment recruitment and hiring experience. We have helped literally thousands of job seekers land great new career opportunities saving them valuable time, money, and lost wages.

When we look at the employment market today, we see (4) Four main problem areas that are widespread among job seekers which are negatively affecting and impeding their progress:

  • Resume:
    Candidates resumes don’t properly align with the job descriptions and opportunities they are applying for. Most resumes are scattered not telling the correct story, with timeline lapses, work experience that has no relevance, job hopping, etc. 

    Note: Recruiters typically look at a resume for 6 seconds, if it doesn’t quickly catch their attention your resume goes in the “NO” pile.

  • Job Search Strategy:

    Candidates Job Search Strategy and Transition plan is completely unorganized, random with no mapping, tracking or cohesiveness. They rely too heavily on their network & contacts to rescue them, once they go thru their network lists, sheer panic sets in with No 30, 60, 90, 120-day strategy. This will ensure an elongated search process costing you many thousands of dollars.   

  • Social Media & LinkedIn Profile:

    Candidates social media and LinkedIn profile “Your Brand” is not properly optimized to correctly tell their story about who you are and what you do. LinkedIn is usually the first-place employers go to if they like your resume, if they don’t like what they see on your LinkedIn Profile they quickly move on. You wouldn’t even know you we’re potentially in the running and being considered. 

  • Interview Skills:

    Candidates not being prepared for comprehensive corporate interviews and the tough questions which “will” be asked. A lack of correct interview techniques, body language, hand movements, eye contact and non-descript responses to specific questions. Candidates do not know how to correctly answer behavioral based interview questions designed to trip you up, filtering out many job seekers. These are all areas which will quickly get you a “Thank you for your time” and No Second Interview. 

If you want to quickly and efficiently land a great job with a good company, you must have a proven system and process of correctly aligning yourself for rapid Success.

Are you making any of these (4) Four mistakes?

The truth is that if you are making just one of these mistakes your career search will be extended by at least 6 months or longer bringing in even more questions by recruiters. The employment market has changed and there is no place in the world for careless and unsystematic job seekers anymore. A new breed of job seeker has emerged and is powering through taking your job opportunities and sending you to the back of the line.  

If you don’t change your ways you will be overlooked time and time again. However, if you want to change your ways and join the winning side of Successfully placed candidates in this new employment market…

I Have Good News!

We have put together a free training which shows you exactly how to Successfully land a great job quickly, our program has helped literally thousands of job seekers.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  1. How to correct align your resume with your desired job opportunities
  2. How to successfully setup your career search strategy and transition
  3. How to properly optimize your social media & LinkedIn profile
  4. How to be completely prepared for your interviews & behavioral

based questionsThis free training has helped Thousands of Job Seekers Successfully navigate and land great opportunities rapidly and has the power and potential to do the same for you.     

It’s a new world out there today and we can give you the tools needed to fight off this new breed of job seeker who has been taking your career opportunities and sending you to the back of the line – however – if you don’t do anything about it, please remember, in 6 months’ time when your still unemployed and completely frustrated that we did warn you.