Complete Career Accelerator Plan

Complete Career Accelerator Plan

Our top and most popular plan is an end-to-end solution that encompasses all the major subject areas critical to achieving career success quickly! Includes: professional resume, career strategy and transition guidance, LinkedIn profile optimization, interviewing, mock interviews, behavioral based question’s and access to our network of senior recruiters, leaders and hiring managers. Job seekers that know they need and want expert guidance in all areas of the recruitment and hiring process select this program and see great success! It is a very comprehensive and methodical deep dive with an industry expert which gets very granular into each subject area. The key to success in your career search is not being good at any one specific subject area, it is rather being great in all of them! All of these subject areas are intertwined and connected, each depending upon the other to be correctly aligned and working together in harmony! If you know deep down you need help in most or all of the subject areas, it is absolutely worth your time and investment! This is your career we’re talking about… do it right the first time, you’ll be very happy you did! 

Service Overview

  • New Professional Optimized Resume
  • Completely Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Career Strategy & Transition Guidance
  • Interview Coaching, Mock Interviews & Behavioral Interview questions preparation
  • Clearly identify and strategize for the future direction of your career
  • Personal Branding & Your Professional Brand
  • Complete Comprehensive Interview Packet
  • Access to our National Network of Recruiters, Leaders & Hiring Managers
  • Key Introductions to Hiring Managers & Decision-makers
  • Access to New Opportunities before they hit the market
  • Direct Referrals to New Opportunities & Hiring managers which you are positioned for
  • Personal One on One Call with an Industry Expert (Three 60 min. sessions)

Includes: Resume + Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Career Strategy, Interview & Behavioral questions, Access to our network of senior recruiters, leaders & hiring manager’s And Direct Referrals to New opportunities.

Salary Range: ALL