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Whether you’ve decided to change careers, are planning to leave your job, or have recently been let go from your stable job, navigating your career transition can be over-whelming and leave you in uncertain territory. Candidates that acknowledge that they need help and seek out guidance from proven experts see results much faster! In this very challenging employment market having industry experts in your corner guiding you step by step, will make All the difference! Investing in yourself and career advancement is the Key to long term Success!

At CORE we understand how frustrating the hiring process can be! That is why we have leveraged our 20 years of corporate recruitment & hiring experience and re-engineered it to the advantage of our Job Seeker clients. We show you, teach you & guide you how to correctly align and position yourself for rapid Career Success! Who better to partner & work with in your career search than actual senior corporate recruiters who do this exact type of work every day for large companies and have for over 20 years!

Key Advantages of working with CORE:

  • We educate you about the latest recruitment technology advances including Recruitment Automation, Social Media and other strategies used to find and target hiring managers
  • We can help make key Introductions to hiring managers, Leaders and decision-makers
  • As highly networked corporate recruiters we hear & know of new opportunities before they are even posted, we notify our job seeker clients first before looking at any outside candidate

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